GDPR Compliance Audit

Our licensed professionals will verify your business and product for GDPR-compliance.

Why is the GDPR audit significant?

It provides:


Managers with an overview of the state of personal data protection within the business entity, as well as letting them know of vulnerabilities.


Your partners with a manifestation of the businesses’ GDPR compliance.


Employees with a roadmap to get ready for the GDPR and to fulfill the Regulation’s provisions (GDPR implementation roadmap).

Assigning company employees or in-house legal counsel to deal with the GDPR may be inefficient.

There are actually 3 rationale behind this:


Employees usually lack specialized training in the sphere of personal data protection.


Employees are certainly not encouraged to carry out a GDPR audit due to their inability to see the puzzle from above and unawareness of how to operate.


Employees lack time since no one excuses them from their principal work duties, and the GDPR implementation is delayed indefinitely.

There is a high risk that an in-house audit will be unsatisfactory and your time and financial assets spent to carry it out will be in vain.

The solution to this problem is to entrust the task of the GDPR auditing to the DPO Europe GmbH consultants who will complete the task professionally andwith minimal time costs.

What will we do?

Phase 1

We complete a checklist which will help us to determine the GDPR-compliance level.

Phase 2

We set up a canvass of all department chiefs and employees, as well as study the records and other substantive evidence of your business.

Phase 3

We file an audit report based on the work results.

Phase 3

We submit the report and discuss its contents with you.


Siarhei Varankevich


Founder of DPO Europe GmbH. Data Protection Trainer and Principal Consultant.
Siarhei Varankevich FIP is the founder of the international data protection consultancy, Data Privacy Office. He provides consultation on the European GDPR and Emirati PDPL. He is the author and instructor of GDPR DPP, GDPR DPM, and UAE DPO data protection training courses. He is a certified professional (CIPP/E), manager (CIPM), and technologist (CIPT) in information privacy. Siarhei is also the chief editor of, an online guide to the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The GDPR audit advantages:


Contributes significantly to compliance with the Regulation.


Raises awareness of data protection among both management and staff.


Improves the image of the business in the sight of partners and clients.


Increases the level of compliance with internal personal data protection rules and assists in the development of new ones, if such a need is revealed.


Facilitates in discovering the information necessary for qualitative modification of personal data protection systems.

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