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GDPR Implementation

Packages of services designed to help companies comply with GDPR.

Privacy Roadmap

We train a working group (privacy team) within the company and support the process of GDPR implementation. You can lay ISO27701 or Nymity Privacy Accountability Framework on the basis of the GDPR Roadmap.

DPO Outsourcing

Delegate both individual and corporate responsibility for GDPR-compliance to licensed professionals from Data Privacy Office Europe.

Audit GDPR

As part of the process, we will check whether individual processes, products, and software are GDPR-compliant. This enables you to identify existing shortcomings, show compliance to partners and Supervisory authorities, and eliminate existing flaws in working with personal data within your organization.

EU Representative Service

EU Representative Services under GDPR offer free representation during inactive periods without data subject requests or communication with supervisory authorities.

Privacy Policy Drafting/Audit

Our licensed professionals in personal data protection area will elaborate a Privacy Policy for you which is completely in line with the GDPR requirements.


Through the DPIA process, companies can identify existing and planned measures to protect themselves from the potential risks inherent in working with personal data. Your company’s risks will be identified, named, and evaluated. Consequently, you will receive a step by step action plan to eliminate them.

Privacy Engineering Team

Our outsourcing team of programmers, a software architect and GDPR-experts can give you a helping hand. We will check your app or website for GDPR-compliance according to the principles of Privacy by Design. Then we will correct the deficiencies and equip your employees with the skills to implement data protection in their own work in the future.

Data mapping

In order to comply with regulations, the first step is data mapping. Conducting a data mapping exercise will allow you to determine the implementation scope, stakeholders, and risks associated with GDPR implementation within your organization. Your company’s plan of action will be the first step toward the Register of Personal Data Processing.

GDPR gap analysis

By identifying gaps in the data protection work and assessing the risks resulting from these violations, we uncover opportunities to improve. In order to correct errors, you receive an adapted work plan.

Record of processing activities

Businesses need to understand what personal data is collected, what it is used for, why and how long it is stored in order to comply with privacy laws. It is important that you are aware of the movement of personally identifiable information, as well as monetary movements.

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