Privacy by Design: strategically embedded privacy

Training will teach you how to design privacy-friendly products, what Privacy by Design is, and how to make ethical decisions that do not violate user privacy.


The Privacy by Design principle must be followed, according to Article 25 of the Regulation.

Large corporations have proven it

A number of companies have already succeeded in doing so, such as Apple, Mozilla, Signal and etc.

Why is Privacy by Design important?

Trust and respect for the product

Principles are not obeyed by law, but by opportunity. The only company that can prevent an imbalance occurs when the person using the product has a significantly greater degree of control over his personal information than the company.

A winning model

However, the GDPR does not provide any practical checklist, despite its 30-page guidelines. The Strategic Privacy by Design approach involves creating a plan of action that aligns with your privacy goals.

The training will teach you how to:

  • Identify the sources of threats for a company.
  • Implement Privacy by Design from scratch.
  • Identify privacy violations.
  • Mitigate privacy risks using tactics and strategies.
  • Determine what the user will suffer if their privacy is violated.
  • Develop a FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) risk assessment model.
  • Make sure your products and services comply with Engineered Privacy principles by developing a blueprint and step-by-step guide.

We will practice each step of the model on a real-world case. Logic and understanding come from theory, and practice comes from developing a habit and learning a step-by-step algorithm. Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion.

For whom?


Decisions they make determine the fate of the entire project, so their decisions are crucial.


System foundations and principles are laid by them.

Product Owner and Product Manager

A product’s development and design is their responsibility.


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