Outsourced Privacy Engineering Team

Based on the principles of Privacy by Design, we will check your code, application or website for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Outsourced Privacy Engineering Team

PE Team is a group composed of licensed GDPR professionals, a designer (software application architect), and, if required, several developers. All you have to do is to examine the work and execute decisions.


Оptimization of procedures (workflow), included needed performance (automatization of the enjoyment of the subject’s rights, establishing system guidelines for information erasure, and advancement of personalized paperwork, e.g. privacy notice, checkboxes, cookie banner, DPA, SCC, Statement of GDPR conformity, and so on). Your team acquires experience and understanding in the application of the approaching projects and jobs.


Our professionals have worldwide certifications and important experience. We have currently fixed atypical issues with very little expenses.


Our designer/privacy engineer has experience and understanding in introducing the GDPR at the technological degree. Simply put, he understands ways to compose the code and develop the style of the item.


We assure the high quality and correctness of our actions in regards to conformity with the GDPR demands. We can verify these words by placing our trademark.

If your IT-product is aimed at the European market, then you may be compelled to deal with the following questions:

It is the risk of a huge multimillion fine, non-admission or ban of the app in marketplaces, a drop in the company’s value, loss of customers, and damage to reputation.

As a result, deadlines are disrupted, and every month of delay appears to loss of income and opportunity costs.

Perhaps there is a risk that you are doing extra work or complicating stuff that can be done without difficulty. You will apparently have to modify your approach which can lead to incur unscheduled expenses. In this case, will the product be as expedient for you as you expected?

But you have no idea concerning the way of making technical task, so that the product is in conformity with the GDPR, or you lack the knowledge on how to conduct a product acceptance test to ascertain the complete GDPR-compliance of the product.

Regrettably, you out of ideas on how to response properly, the ways to get ready for the client’s annual audit or whether your item satisfies the demands of the tender.

You duly answer to everybody, however individuals deal with regulative authorities with a grievance that you have been keeping their information for as well lengthy or unreasonably.

What duties does PETeam carry out?

It audits software applications (at the phase of present or future realization). It assists you in development of a precise listing of demands (the matching area of the regards to recommendation) that associates particularly for your item, conserving you from unneeded work.

It efficiently deals with project stakeholders and facilitates the introduction of the GDPR in the software application, and, if required and at your demand, makes enhancements for your code.

It examines your employees’ expertise and provides all the required information and proficiencies for additional independent assistance.

It consults your experts and formulates stuff for modifications and enhancements to adhere to the GDPR.

It configures item advancement procedures according to data privacy regulations.

It carries out an audit and item acceptance testing for conformity with the GDPR.

(option) It forms and educates a comparable Privacy Engineering Team within your business that can go on in an implementation of privacy in all your future items.

What occurs after you get in touch with us?

Action 1.

We make an item audit: we identify the require and feasibility of a PETeam intrusion. For instance, we have taken a look at a little item and have made among the complying with professional evaluations: 1) modifications are required and possible; 2) you don’t require any type of modifications; 3) it’s less expensive to reword it from the ground up.

Action 2.

If we choose to sign up with your job, an onboarding of our group is performed. We examine the objective, procedures, style, design, develop, information streams, and refining, and obtain knowledgeable about the advancement approach in the group. We choose personal data in the data model and where and how they are kept and refined.

Action 3.

We strategy additional enhancements by establishing a listing of jobs (range of the work), phases, obstructs, assessing them, and preparation sprints.

Action 4.

We take part in group advancement, advising conferences and conceptualizing. We take part in the testing and completion of the item.

Action 5.

We audit a last version of item; acceptance testing and file the record.

You still may have these questions:

Possibilities are incredibly reduced; however, this will end up being understood throughout the initial audit. We had situations when we may need to decline the item or reword it from the ground up, but we discovered easy and innovative decisions and “conserved” the produced item.

Likewise, we’ll not have to remake the item if the mistakes in it have a very little degree of danger and you can approve them. We’ll notify you regarding all the drawbacks and their degree of danger. Therefore, you will have the ability to make a notified choice regarding the modifications that ought to be executed and the optional modifications.

If you have actually a great deal of workers and there is no item introduce due dates, you can dedicate a year or more to the enhancement of employees’ abilities, employing an outside GDPR specialist, and looking for the ideal technological service utilizing the browse technique.

Nevertheless, if you have to do the work efficiently and in a brief time period, one would certainly concur that it is simpler to employ a team that currently has appropriate experience and understanding. All our designers have experience in executing the GDPR at the technological degree (personal privacy designer).

We presume legal duties by authorizing non-disclosure and non-compete contracts. We are likewise prepared to think about dealing with your gadgets and in your workplaces.

It depends. Generally, it will be more costly to educate your workers, identify breaches of the GDPR, discover an appropriate service, and carry out an audit compared to the employment of our group.

Nevertheless, it’s less expensive to deal with us compared to payment of a great fine, reword the whole item, and cede the EU market to rivals. Particularly, we welcome just proficient and skilled experts with a distinct expertise that have a high worth in the labor market to sign up with our team. Therefore, by employing our PETeam, you purchase top quality work and ensured outcomes within the prepared time mount. And just you can determine how important it is.

A distinct function of our business is that if there’s a method to stabilize personal privacy demands and customer’s monetary rate of passions, we’ll do it for you. Besides, we’ll verify all the stuff required for implementing the GDPR in your item with the job stakeholders.

Since your tester understands the item, and it would certainly be rather costly to share this knowledge. For that reason, to guarantee much far better high quality, we suggest you utilizing your tester.

We perform a last audit and file a report that can be revealed to supervisors and companions. The audit is carried out by theData Privacy Office Europe experts who are internationally accredited and don’t take part in the development team.

You can likewise purchase an audit from a third-party business, and if they find distinct breaches of the GDPR, we will remove them at our very own cost.

We prepare to operate in a different branch without having actually complete accessibility to the whole item.

We embed an internal Code Review. Furthermore, we ask you to offer us your workers for an outside Code Review.

We reassemble a group of skilled and proficient experts that can properly evaluate the due dates.

At each sprint, we’ll reveal you the finished jobs. We’ll likewise provide you accessibility to our team’s Burn Down Chart.

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