Privacy Policy and Notice Drafting

Our licensed professionals in personal data protection area will elaborate a Privacy Policy for you which is completely in line with the GDPR requirements.

What is privacy policy?

Pursuant to the GDPR the Privacy Policy is recognized to be one of the core instruments. It shows all info regarding personal data utilized by the business or service: what type of data is utilized, how they are gathered, why they are stored, and so on.

It enables the customers to acquaint themselves with the categories of data they transfer, and with the aims of the data gathering and means of their protection. 

Privacy Policy ought to on public record on site or app and ought to be clearly in sight of all visitors. employee of the supervisory authority. dissatisfied customer. a dissatisfied custome.

All them can quickly spot the lack of a Privacy Policy or that it is not in line with multiple GDPR requirements and the Guidelines on Transperency. Therefore, there’s a continuous danger of being penalizeded or experiencing undesirable interaction with the supervisory authority.

Though you currently have a Privacy Policy for your site, shutting this web page and failing to remember regarding the GDPR permanently will not operate. You will be in need for updates. Time passes, the Regulation underwent changes, the GDPR demands are modifying. Due to that, your Privacy Policy might be out-of-date.

A design template or duplicate of somebody else's instrument is likewise not appropriate for you, since a Privacy Policy needs to be distinct for every business:
  • Your processing arrangements are distinct from various other business.
  • You gather various other kinds of personal data.
  • You gather various other kinds of personal data.
  • Your website includes its very own distinct establish of counters, trackers, and various other features.
  • You offer accessibility for your clients' data for services in various states.

Our proposal:

Spare 1-2 years of your and your company’s time and designate the job to our licensed professionals. The basic 10 hrs of our consultant’s work consist of a number of phases.

Canvassing workers to determine processing arrangements
Inspecting your site for the existence of trackers, counters, and web forms
Specifying the objectives and lawful basis for processing
Establishing data storage periods
Revealing of cross-border data transmissions (when data left the EEA)
Preparing a privacy policy in English
Demonstration of of outcomes

* If the quantity of work surpasses 10 hrs, we’ll inform you ahead of time and assure that the staying work will be carried out by a principal consultant at a discount rate price of € 200/hr (rather than the basic € 250/hr).

What are the benefits?

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Spare time

Spare months or years of study of the GDPR on your own.


Safeguard yourself against fines and claims.


Approximate the modifications required in your business for GDPR-compliance.


Feel self-assured when dealing withpersonal data.

Siarhei Varankevich


Founder of DPO Europe GmbH. Data Protection Trainer and Principal Consultant

MBA, Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT).


What our clients are saying about us

On behalf of the company, we would like to thank the training and consulting company DPO Europe for their excellent service.
The company’s consultant Anastasia Verbanovich was responsible for our request. She met all the deadlines and provided a record of processing activities and a privacy policy for our website. During the whole period of our cooperation, Anastasiya responded to our questions and provided further necessary information. We also want to thank the company’s project manager Anton Paddubitski, who was always in touch, created a friendly working atmosphere, and advised us on the development of our project, as well as offered further opportunities to support our business. We wish DPO Europe success and prosperity. We will be happy to work again!

Irina Strelkovskaya

Co-founder & COO

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