Anastasiya Verbanovich

Anastasiya Verbanovich

CIPP/E, GDPR DPP, GDPR DPT, Strategic Privacy by Design

Data Protection Consultant
Anastasiya has been a consultant in our team since 2020. With a specialization in ensuring compliance with personal data protection legislation across diverse jurisdictions, she brings extensive experience in conducting audits, drafting documentation, and managing cross-border data transfers. Her project portfolio spans various sectors, including mobile applications, particularly those designed for children, startup ventures, streaming platforms, and more.


Anastasia has experience in managing multijurisdictional projects.


Participant of the M. Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. In 2019 the team was ranked in the top 16 best teams in the world (Oxford, UK).


Proficient in Russian, English and German.

Anastasia has a bachelor’s degree in International Law (FIR BSU).
With over 4 years of experience in privacy, she has provided expert counsel to companies across diverse sectors, including marketplaces, mobile and web games, streaming services, CRM systems, and startup ventures. Anastasia has successfully completed CIPP/E certification, as well as GDPR DPP, GDPR DPT, Strategic Privacy by Design courses. Her expertise extends to compliance work in over 20 countries, including the EU, USA, Switzerland, UK, and Brazil. Anastasia is proficient in conducting data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), jurisdiction assessments (TIAs), and drafting internal documents and guidelines to ensure ongoing compliance within organizations.

Navigating the Jurisdictional Chaos: An International Law Perspective on the Extraterritorial Application of Data Protection Laws

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