UAE Data Privacy Regulations affect the global business landscape

12:00 (GMT+4)
In the past two years there has been extensive legislative activity in the field of Data Privacy worldwide. A prominent example is the creation of the recent Data Privacy Regulation framework is the United Arab Emirates, namely the Federal Data Protection Law No. 45 of 2021. It is therefore essential that businesses incorporate this requirement into their current business processes to ensure compliance.
This new law was introduced in January of 2022 and the UAE Government has provided a set time for all companies to comply. Join our webinar to discuss the challenges and opportunities to assist you in ensuring compliance.
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Forget Google. Our experienced international trainers have assisted multiple international and local companies to implement GDPR and can share with you our tailor-made solutions. 


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You need no Data Privacy knowledge – our webinar is based on examples and real life experience.


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The UAE directs its efforts in becoming a global business, financial and technological hub, as well as AI destination, as per their National AI Strategy.


  • How does the new data protection legislation influence business in the UAE?
  • What are the hidden reasons for implementing the legislation?
  • Why do both local and international companies pay attention to data protection?
  • Identifying the similarity and differences between the UAE Data Protection legislation and EU GDPR, which inspired the UAE legislators.
  • What are the requirements and challenges faced when employing a qualified Data Protection Officer with deep cross-jurisdictional knowledge?
  • How to successfully comply to all global and complementary Data Privacy laws simultaneously?


Frame 37
Siarhei Varankevich

Data Protection Trainer and Consultant

Denis Sadovnikov

AI and privacy lawyer

For whom?
C-Level & Top-managers
C-Level & Top-managers
Those who want to learn more about UAE data protection law's and its influence on your business or company.
Product and Project Managers
Product and Project Managers
Those who oversee budgets and team involvement of future projects and require knowledge to inform customers on privacy risks and possible issues.
Lawyers and Compliance Officers
Lawyers and Compliance Officers
Those who want to stay current with Data Privacy changes and be proficient in providing legal support to projects and companies.
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