Privacy policy and Notice audit

Our team will audit your website or create a privacy policy that complies with GDPR.

Your privacy policy represents your company or product.

Data subjects such as customers, employees, and even users are required by the General Data Protection Regulation to be provided with regular updates regarding personal data.

It includes the contact information for your data protection officer, the purposes and legal grounds for the processing of each category of data, the facts and conditions of data transfer across borders, references to the rights of data subjects, and so on.


We offer the services of certified GDPR specialists to conduct an audit of your privacy policy.

And if you have made the right decision and have already developed a privacy policy yourself, it should be checked for compliance with the Regulation at least once a year — the legislation is changed periodically, some details of processing can be adjusted. It is quite difficult to constantly monitor changes in the legislation on personal data and keep the privacy policy up to date.


  • Look for gaps, mistakes, or shortcomings in the organization's privacy policy.
  • Get a report that outlines if your privacy policy complies with the GDPR requirements or a list of shortcomings with suggestions for improvement.
  • Make sure your business is protected from complaints from data subjects, fines, and inspections by supervisory authorities.
  • Your commitment to transparency and enforcement of laws should be demonstrated to your partners, clients, and staff.
Review the privacy statement text.

A checklist has been compiled by Data Privacy Office Europe consultants based on personal experience and best international practices. It is constantly updated. Your privacy policy is evaluated against the requirements of GDPR and the Guidelines on Transparency using this information.

A second consultant checks the results.

To avoid possible errors, we always check the final report by an experienced consultant to ensure the quality of our services.

Adding and correcting recommendations.

As a result of the audit, the consultant will formulate recommendations for improving the processes. GDPR-compliance begins with this information.

Presenting the final report and discussing it.

You won't be left alone with the results of the audit. On the day of the presentation, we will elaborate on our recommendations, answering any questions you might have about compliance with articles 13 and 14.

What is the outcome of the audit?

Evaluation of the GDPR-compliance of your privacy policy.
Corrections to your privacy policy (if necessary).
Customer transparency and cooperation with supervisory authorities.
An analysis of your internal processes.
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