Maria Arnst

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Certified Information Privacy Manager (international IAPP certification) with experience of being a Data Protection Officer for European companies, including those focused on privacy and data security. Certified as DPO by TÜV (Germany’s leading and one of the world’s leading independent testing and certification services group), trained in Strategic Privacy by Design.

Maria previously worked as a Data Protection Office at a startup in Berlin – the company is developing secure communication platform for businesses.

Maria has experience in building the entire documentation system required by the GDPR, as well as in organizing and managing the GDPR processes that have a strong external influence, such as the reaction process in the event of data privacy violations and data breaches, or processes of communication with data subjects.

Maria also worked for a German corporation as Data Privacy Manager, where she was responsible for GDPR compliance and German Local Data Protection Law (BDSG) compliance for the introduction of new technological processes (e.g. the use of new software in the company). In addition, one of Maria’s main areas of work was advising the marketing, sales, product and IT departments, as well as the management on compliance with the GDPR.

Maria lives and works in Germany (Berlin), she speaks 5 languages and consults on GDPR in Russian, English and German.

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